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23,128 miles

Back in the 80s if you wanted a turbo Porsche, you'd get what was known as the widow maker: The 930 turbo. If you felt that wasn't enough, what would you do? 

That is where RUF comes in...

This is a perfect example of what RUF was and still is capable of the way they were when they first started. Being one of 600 convertible BTR3's made, this RUF is of the rarest cars to roll out of their facility. RUF increased the displacement on this car to 3.4 liters, giving it a 400 horsepower engine in the 80's. With the optional 6 speed from RUF installed, this car was and still is capable of setting a 4 second 0-60 time, something fast even for today's standards. 

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