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RWB Jaime


What started off as a 964 Carrera 4 has now been turned into what is known as a "back date". Getting the longer hood of a pre-930, 911 and a classic ducktail spoiler along with the unmistakeable RWB flares, the Idlers logo sprayed onto the tires, and that visceral old school race stance. 


With over $10,000 in sound system upgrades, this old school body has a young soul. Creature comforts include, GPS, Bluetooth compatibility, and iPhone chargers in this masterpiece of Akira Nakai. 


An exhaust note that wakes the dead, an interior color choice that brings a sense of luxury and retro race styling, and the iconic RWB flares all come together to make this fourth Rauh Welt creation in Miami a very special one. 

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