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The future of automotive care is here. Protect your investment or bring your current daily driver back to showroom condition with the highest quality products at Detailmeister.

We offer a range of detailing services including Paint Correction, Clear Bra and Ceramic Coating.

Ceramic Coating creates a bond with the vehicle’s paint, meaning that it does not wash away or break down and does not require repeated application every few months. The process adds additional protection to your car’s exterior and helps keep it looking like-new with minimal maintenance.

We also use XPEL Ultimate Plus Clear Bra, or PPF, that is applied over the car's paint for additional protection.
Whatever your car detailing needs are, Detailmeister has you covered!

Benefits of Clear Bra

Clear Bra, or Paint Protection Film, is a layer of clear film that is applied to provide a barrier between your car's paint and the elements. 

At Detailmeister we exclusively use XPEL Ultimate Plus, one of the highest levels of PPF offered.  XPEL Ultimate Plus is a self healing and stain resistant Clear Bra that provides a mirror smooth finish indistinguishable from factory paint.  When exposed to heat, the enhanced clear coat properties eliminate fine scratches and swirl marks over time, meaning that it will keep your car's paint looking brand new! XPEL Ultimate Plus also features superior impact protection and is more durable than lower quality alternatives.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating


Ceramic Coating creates a barrier between your car's paint and anything it comes in contact with, meaning that any mud, dirt, or grime that touches your car will not be able to damage your paint. The Nano Sealant technology in Ceramic coating is hydrophobic, meaning that it repels any water it comes in contact with. When your car is ceramic coated, the hydrophobic effect of the coating will cause water to bead up and roll off the surface along with any dirt and grime that is also on the paint.  

Ceramic coating also protects against UV damage, oxidation, and rust. Vehicles that spend time in direct sunlight can start to exhibit signs of paint fading and dullness.  This is caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays which can cause the car's paint to oxidize.  By adding a layer of Ceramic Coating to your paint, you can dramatically reduce any oxidation to your car's paint, keeping it vibrant and glossy like new.

If you care about the your car's exterior appearance and the quality of it's paint, we encourage you to try Ceramic Coating. Adding a Ceramic Coating to your vehicle is a great way to keep it looking like it just drove out of the showroom, without having to continuously wash and wax it. 

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