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At Parkhaus1 we value having extensive care for your Porsche®. Our certified technicians have many years of experience with Porsche® vehicles and are able to take care of your car to give it the proper treatment you need. We have a deep and thorough inspection method that can give you the proper diagnostic of your vehicle by professionals. We are the Porsche® doctors!


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Visual inspection of the following:

Exterior: Paint Meter, Color, Rust, Plastic, Metal, Rubber

Interior: Seats, Upholstery, Floors, Lights

Body: Glass, Wheels, Tires, Doors, Sealants 

Electrical: Battery, Cables, Engine Diagnostics & Over Revs

Undercarriage: Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Axles, Joints

Under Hood Check: Fluid Levels, Filters, Hoses, Belts, Connections


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